Aesthetic Laser Equipment Financing

Financing Your Aesthetic Device

At Lillybeauty, we’re dedicated to giving our clients the financial resources and information they need to expand their businesses. For this reason, we provide special financing alternatives to all of our customers—from well-established aesthetic med spas to non-MD practices and start-ups—when they buy an aesthetic gadget from Lillybeauty.

You may trust that you’re working with a knowledgeable partner you can rely on because we take pleasure in our knowledge of the aesthetics business. You can count on us to be honest, open, and accommodating. After all, if you succeed, we succeed too!

Lillybeauty: A Financial Partner You Can Trust

To provide our clients with the necessary financial support, we are delighted to collaborate with a variety of financial institutions. We provide our Rohrer Aesthetic clients with financing options that provide them the ability to support the expansion of their business.

When you apply for financing through our team, we’ll assess factors like:

  • Commercial Credit
  • The Business’s Time
  • Health Licenses
  • Equifax’s Fico Score

Although financing plans differ depending on the gadget and the client, we take pride in working with each of our clients to create a useful and unique finance plan. We are available to work with you at any time!

Loan Calculator

Device Price

Payments are based on Tier 1 Medical Rates and are exclusive of tax and shipping costs.

Any MD-owned business with an established or licensed history of more than 5 years and authorized credit is subject to Tier 1 Medical pricing.

Terms will be more expensive for startups and non-Md owned companies.

What We Offer

Your aesthetics office will have a competitive advantage thanks to financing from Lillybeauty because it will stabilize your cash flow and cash outflow. Other features that distinguish our financing solutions include:

Options for Flexible Financing

Customized Loans, Leases, and Working Capital

terms ranging from 24 to 72 months

Deferred Payments for Eligible Clients

Equal-Day Approvals

Prefunding in full

Low Monthly Payments and Competitive Rates

No Extra Charges

Options for Start-Up Funding for Non-MD Owned Businesses

Tax Deduction under Section 179

You can concentrate on giving your clients the greatest laser cosmetic treatments thanks to financing.

You can concentrate on what you do best—care for your clients—by having our team handle the financing! Additionally to increasing your profit, you’ll also benefit financially significantly!

Financing allows you to:

Boost Your Business Credit

Profit from a tax deduction

Keep Cash Flow Smooth

Get Started Today!

Contact your Rohrer Aesthetics sales representative or fill out an online application in the first instance if you’re interested in learning more about our financing alternatives. You can fill out a contact form or send us an email to learn more about our financing alternatives. email.

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